Hey There

So if you have read the snippit about me on the homepage you will know my name is Kayleigh, i’m from a town called Dudley which is the West Midlands (if you watch my insta videos you will totally hear the black country accent!) lol!

I am a total addict to anything visually appealing and have major shiny object syndrome! I am a prime customer for the make up counters when they have a new product in – you know how it is ladies, you walk past and they have the latest lipstick on display in the most amazing packaging, it looks so luxurious and amazing so naturally i have to look at it.  Then hook, line and sinker i’ve ended up buying it!  So i think it’s fair to say i’ve been obsessed with branding and visuals since forever.  This is where my business was born from.

I started life as Starlet Prints, designing and selling my wall art prints.  I then grew my little business further and decided to combine my graphic design history with my passion for small business and here i am with Kayleigh Marie Designs.

So there is a little bit about the business. Now for a little bit about the woman behind it…..

As a small business owner i feel it’s so important for all you guys to know who is the behind the brand and be able to connect with me.

I am the eldest of 3 and have a wonderful family, friends and boyfriend.  I am a Pisces, friendly, outgoing and would be described as a little weird by those closest to me! smile  I have a background in admin, styling and customer service.

Likes – Harry Potter (some may even say slightly obsessed!), old musicals, Disney, Chinese food, Dairy Milk chocolate, candles, holidays abroad, Rosé wine, cocktails with the girls, move time with the boyfriend, tipping point, the colour Pink, Johnny Depp and i’m also a love of make up and high heels!

Dislikes – Birds (i’m scared of them), incorrectly formatted documents, horror films, hot drinks, marmite, dark chocolate and people who drop litter!

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