Building that business of your dreams? – I’m 100% here for that!  Graphic design and boss babes on their business road trip – that’s 2 of my fave things!  I am a huge advocate for seeing my fellow females chase their business dreams and absolutley smash it.

Now you may have only just really started thinking about branding or you may not have even realised how important it is to have in place.  Believe me it is hugely important! Your brand is what visually attracts your ideal audience to you, whether it’s a out of this world social media graphics or a luxury thank you note that goes out with your orders – you cannot skip out on your branding.

Your brand is the very fibre of your business, it needs to tell your story, reflect what your business is and what it stands for.  It needs to speak to your audience and draw them in.  Your branding is what helps you to stand out and look the part.

Let’s put it like this – you’re browsing candles on a shop shelf are you more likely to go with the one in the beautiful silky smooth box with the luxury foiled text on and the beautifully designed swing tag? Or would you pick up the one with no packaging or tag that’s simply wrapped in cellophane?  I’m guessing most of you picked the first one?  This is same with branding, what is the point in having the most amazing service or product if no one is interested because it doesn’t stand out enough?


Lo go Design


Just looking for a logo for your business at the moment?

My logo design service is a great choice as you get the professional look you need for a logo without having to invest a small fortune.

Package includes:

  • Logo design questionnaire
  • 4 logo concepts (with revisions)
  • Secondary logo and submark
  • Logos provided in all the required formats for web and print use
  • Logo design is never duplicated or resold


This service is ideal for any type of business or individual that would like a polished, professional logo to set of the right impression.

Priced at £55


(Price will revert back to normal on May 10th)

Branding Basics


Got a fabulous business your about to start or grow but no real idea on the branding for it?

The branding basics service has your back hun.  I will work alongside you to bring the ideas, the colours and the graphics to life so your brand is 100% ready to go.

Package Includes:

  • Branding questionnaire
  • Consultation call
  • 4 logo concepts (with revisions)
  • Secondary logo & submark
  • Colour palette
  • Font selection
  • Full branding board
  • Branding style guide manual

This services puts all the basics in place that you need to grow your business with an amazing brand already in place so everything is cohseive and ready to go

Priced at £295


(Price will revert back to normal on May 10th)

*optional add on’s available

Bespoke Branding


Serious about getting your biz looking super sharp? Bespoke Branding is for you!

This is a total bespoke service which is tailored to each client to get your needs perfectly met.  Whether you need complete branding, logo design and stationery or you just need a gorgeous logo and some stunning stationery to match i can help you.

Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation call chat to fully discuss your needs
  • Tailor made service to ensure your full requirements are being met
  • Stationery design and printing can include but not limited to – business cards, appointment cards, loyalty cards, stickers, leaflets, price lists, thank you cards, gift cards, vouchers, banners, swing tags, social media design, workbooks etc.,

As this is a total bespoke service, prices vary depending upon the requirements.  Please equire with me for price quotations




Instagram Templates


In need of a serious Insta makeover? It’s hard standing out on social media these day’s but one sure fire way to help you grow your following is a beautiful (and meaningful) feed.

The Instagram Templates services is just what you need to stand out from the crowd, ensure your audience knows its your post and really up your Insta game!

Package includes:

  • Consultation call (via zoom) or email to discuss branding, strategy and needs
  • 6 fully editable, custom designed tile templates
  • 6 fully editable, custom designed story templates
  • An option of 4 highlight styles to choose from
  • Revisions to ensure you are 100% happy with them
  • A 1-2-1 video to show you how to edit your templates in canva if you require

This service will give you the templates that you can easily edit over and over again on Canva to ensure your instagram is always on point and on brand.

Priced at £115


(Price will revert back to normal on May 10th)

Design Work


Designing graphics just not your thing?

I am happy to discuss and take on any design work you need doing for your business.  If one of my services isn’t right for you and you just require help with a small project then get in touch and we can further discuss your needs. 

This is either priced by hour or per project depending on requirements.  Hourly rate is £30




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