So you may have heard the term foil prints or even seen these beautiful, luxury finish wall prints around the internet but no really know much about them!

The majority of my wall prints can also be done in a foil finish which is very popular so i thought i’d share some further info on them for anyone who doesn’t really know much about them!

Foil gives a luxury touch to prints by having a shiny, metallic effect. Foil is mainly used on wording but can also be incorporated into picture designs. There are a huge range of foil colours available to choose from including gold, silver, rose gold, pink, copper, blue, ombre, rainbow, leopard print etc.,

Foil is created by printing the area you’d like to foil on a mono laser printer and then covering the area with a sheet of foil in the chosen colour and running it through a foiling machine. It then comes out with a high shine, luxury finish which creates that stylish look.

Foil is a great option if you are a lover of anything shiny (i know i am!) They look beautiful up on the wall and really do add a wow factor!

Foil finish is an extra charge on top of the ink version of the print as the cost of foiling and the process involved needs to be taken into consideration so i charge an additional £3 for a foil finish.

Hopefully this post helps anyone who was unsure of foil to get more of an understanding of how it looks and if it’s the right choice for you. Check out the printspiration gallery to see more videos and images of all the beautiful foil prints.

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