Happy Sunday Guys!

This blog post is a very personal one to me and my family.  Today i added 3 new prints to my shop and i want to explain these to you on this post.

The three prints are in aid of The British Heart Foundation.  I am donating 100% of the profits from these prints directly to this charity.  So if you guys purchase these prints, you are directly helping to raise money for this amazing foundation.

My younger sister and i have worked on the prints range together for this.  She is raising money for the BHF and will be doing a 25km hike in the Peak District in July with her boyfriend and a friend to raise money, and i couldn’t be more proud of her.

The reason she is doing this, and the reason we have come up with these prints is because my little Sister had a heart attack in 2016, when she was just 21.

Below is her story in her own words


In May 2016 on a family holiday in Malta I believe is the moment i had a heart attack. We were having a wonderful day in Valetta, when all of a sudden I had the feeling a panic attack was coming on as I’d suffered from them before. I had shortness of breath and felt sick. When I got back to the hotel I was being sick & felt so weak, i also had a tingling sensation in my left wrist. 

In my room I blacked out so my mom called the doctor straight away. He said it seemed as though I was suffering from gastroenteritis, so he gave me some tablets and told me to rest. A few days later I felt normal again. 

(Pictured here in Valleta, Malta before falling ill)

A week or so later when I was back home, I’d just started a warm up for a home workout when I blacked out again. I woke up feeling scared,  upset and confused as I was home alone so I called my sister to calm me down. 

The next week I went to the doctors to speak to them about the blackouts and my sickness in Malta. I also had slight chest pain right in the centre of my chest that felt like a bruise if you touched it in a certain area. The nurse carried out an ECG and when the results came through she called an ambulance immediately as it was showing abnormal results. 

I was in hospital for 5 days having various tests and scans, all of which were not showing what was causing my abnormal heart rate. 
After having an MRI scan the doctor discovered I had had a heart attack within the last couple of weeks as there was still scarring. When he came in to tell me I was so shocked I think I actually laughed. As soon as he left the room I burst out crying and called my Boyfriend and my Mom and was messaging my Brother and Sister to let them know. 

(Pictured here in New Cross Hospital)

My Mom and Auntie came rushing in to see my first, my mom was in tears which broke my heart! I had calmed down by this point and it still hadn’t actually hit me. That night when my Family and Boyfriend had left the hospital I shed some more tears and for the first time I thought about death and how lucky I was that it wasn’t a whole lot worse. 

They were still unsure what had caused it as the angiogram showed my arteries were fine. 
I had more tests as an outpatient which lead to finding out I had a hole in my heart. Everyone is born with a hole in their heart but it should naturally seal up when your a baby.

After speaking with the doctor he informed me about PFO closure procedure. A small device would be placed in my heart to seal the hole. He advised it would reduce the risk of stroke or another heart attack in the future. I broke down crying at the thought of having this procedure done as although it was keyhole through my groins I was so scared at the thought, but I knew it was the right decision.

I had the procedure done in December 2016. 2 incisions were made in my groins to insert the device. It still amazes me what they can do these days. It was so painful as they only gave me local anaesthetic for this procedure which I couldn’t believe! I was crying from the pain and was asking for more of the local anaesthetic so eventually I did fall to sleep. 

6 months after that I received a letter to state the procedure had been successful which was such a relief to read and I definitely celebrated with a good few drinks! 
My Family, Friends and Boyfriend were literally so amazing during all of this time. I’m so lucky to have them in my life & it did make me realise how quickly things can change and to live for the moment. I’m also so grateful for the staff at New Cross Hospital and also my Doctor’s for looking after me & doing an amazing job. 

I’m so happy to be taking part in a 25km hike for the British Heart Foundation in July 2019 in the peak District with my boyfriend and close friend for this amazing cause. 
I wanted to share my story with you to raise money and awareness. 

Thank you for reading & please take a look at the beautiful prints my sister has created to raise money for the British Heart Foundation which 100% of the profits will go to. These prints are special to me especially the quote ‘we cannot control the wind but we can direct the sail’.  On my bad days after this experience this quote helped me see things in a more positive light and made me realise things will happen that we cannot control but it is up to us how to react after these events and how these experiences make us stronger.’

(My sister pictured recently)

It’s now 3 years and my Sister is doing really well and living her best life!  I am so proud that she wants to give something back and as her Sister i really wanted to help.

The three prints are available to buy now in my shop and i will be keeping you all updated both on my blog and over on my Instagram page of how the fundraising is going, and how the hike itself goes for my sister! So please purchase a print to help this wonderful charity! Share them with friends, family and online to help us raise as much awareness as we can.


My sisters just giving page can be found here.


Click the prints to buy.  Available in A5, A4 and A3.  The quote print is also available in a beautiful foil finish.