About Me


 My name is Kayleigh, I'm 35 and from The West Midlands in the UK.

My design business was born out of a love for colour, design, interiors, maximalism and energy healing.
As a colour psychologist and colour healer, I decided to fuse the two together and design wall art in the basis of colour energetics.  I strongly believe that living in an environment that really brings out the best in us, nourishes our souls and speaks to who we are as people allows us to further elevate ourselves in life.
Your artwork is more than just something to fill a space, it is an expression of you.  It allows you to show your personality and to really come alive in the space you reside in.  The colours and design speak to both the room and your own energy, allowing you to truly create the home of your dreams that makes you feel alive.
I have always been drawn to deep jewel tone colours but also have a love for the brights and bolds which is very much reflected in my work.
My natural style is more maximalist and patterned.  I especially love a tropical maximalist vibe!
As well as my design work I also help people to decide on colour palettes and styles for their homes through working with colour energy. This is especially helpful if you are wanting to create the most supportive and soul nourishing space.

I work from my home studio and am a one woman show.  All my designs are created and printed in house on my large scale industrial printer and shipped out from here across the world.
When i'm not busy working I am often visiting beautiful forests for nature walks or heading to a national trust property.  I am an avid reader, collector of crystals, incense sticks and Goddess statues, oh and I have a slightly out of control candle obsession!