The Shelfie

Now we all love a good selfie right? But have you mastered the shelfie?

Home interior instagrams are very popular, as are the gorgeous pinterest posts we all spend hours staring at! One of my favourite trends to check out are people shelfies, essentially a picture of their fabulously styled shelves.

Well that’s easy right?!?…. Think again, the humble shelfie has been totally elevated for Instagram and there is some stunning shelf styling going on out there now! 

In this post i will share with you some tips and tricks to style and photograph the perfect shelfie! 

Shelves traditionally have always been great for storage and showing any lovely decorative items, however these days they have upped their game and now like to look on point.  If you are looking for the perfect shelfie it’s time to move those dusty old books and that barely alive plant and replace with some fab decor! – This doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend more, take a look around to see what you already have.  Make your shelf relatable to the room it is in.

Shelves are a great place to start to really get your creativity and styling juices flowing as it’s a smaller space.  


A great way to create a stand out visual impace on a shelf is using items of varying heights, this really helps makes the space more interesting and draws your eye to the space.

Grouping items also works very well, although ensure the items relate to each and work well.

As well as height consider items with varying texture and also differing scale as this helps to create a standout area.  A larger scale art print behind a smaller candle or ornament always looks fab and creates a more dramatic, wow factor to your shelfie look!

Image Source: gemmalouise.co.uk

It’s always fun to play around with a shelfie, you can go big and bold if you have a larger area or if it’s a small couple of shelves you can still make a great impact with the right items.  You do need to be careful to not over clutter your shelf, there is a difference between artful styling and just pure clutter! Move things around and keep stepping back and taking a look to see if it’s appealing or messy.  Take things off if needs be, less can sometimes be more even for a shelfie.  However if you are going for the more is more feel (which looks amazing when you have a large shelving area) just ensure you don’t go OTT and that it all relates and looks well styled, not like you have just plonked lots of random bits onto a shelf.

Wall art prints make an appearance on a lot of shelfies as it’s a perfect place to display them and also is a something a little bit different to just hanging them on a wall.  The trick here is to use wall prints that are varying in size to create an impact and a visual flow.  It’s also great to use art prints that relate well together so the shelfie area has some unity.  You can use as many or as a little as you like as long as they fit into the space well.  The great thing about using wall prints in this way is that you can actually change them around very easily when you feel the shelfie space needs to be updated as they are actually hanging up on the wall.

A lot of people have books in there homes and use shelving to store them.  The book shelfie is a slightly more difficult task depending on your collection of books and the condition of the, tatty looking books = tatty looking shelfie! So an idea is to maybe store your tatty but beloved books in a beautiful box and keep the newer one’s as part of your shelfie design.  

When styling an area with books it does look better to group the books and dot  your decorative objects around them so it has more of a cohesive yet modern look.  If you have books in a similar colour group then place these together.  Also beautiful book ends work so well on shelfies! 

Image Source: Pinterest

Search on pointerest and instagram for shelfie decor ideas for some inspiration but use your own creative flair and see where it takes you! The options are endless and you can always tweak shelfie’s so easily until you are 100% happy with them! When photographing them don’t forget that natural lighting is key they don’t translate well with artifical light!

Have fun and tag me in your shelfie’s so i can check out your progress @kayleighmariedesigns

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