Pinterest and Insta have had a HUGE impact on so many people seriously upping their game in the home interior stakes.  I know if you are anything like me then you have definitley spent hours looking at stunning homes online and wanting to style your own home in the same way.

With the rise of the home community on Instagram there is thousands of fabulous accounts showing of their stunning homes.  I’m not talking about rich and famous folk with 12 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms, but regular folk like you and me!  It’s amazing so see how many get designer looking products from the local B&M store or from online handmade small businesses.  Even better, these accounts are helping other people create beautiful homes.

Photo from @blossom_home_interior 

Here i am sharing top tips with you on how to style your home beautifully for Instagram.  It covers the basic ideas on how to make your photo’s appealing to your followers to help your account grow, inspire others and also boost your confidence in creating a fab Insta home account.  Remember though Insta should be fun, don’t put a load of pressue on yourself to have that perfect feed, after all nothing in life is perfect so it’s not the end of the world if a post down’t get a million likes straight away.  Your still inspiring someone and your putting it out there to share.

1. Find your style

Instagram is awash with thousands of breathtaking homes.  The one thing the most popular accounts have in common is they know their style and they stick with it.  This gives a beautiul and cohesive look in a home and translates well onto the Instagram feed.  It can be easy to get lost in the sea of home style and although it’s great to take inspiration from online you need to look to yourself to find your unique style.  After all it’s your home to live in, it should reflect you.  Are you a modern, minimalist or a moody abstract kind of person.  Whichever style your home is then be confident in it and show of the best of it.  Your Instagram home account will attract people who enjoy your style and are looking for inspiration.  Own your style and show it off to it’s best.

2. Lighting is everything

To get the perfect Instagram pictures you really need to make sure your lighting is right.  Dimly light pictures are a no go, people will just scroll right by.  Natural lighting is always the best, if your snapping away during the day then it’s ually best on a cloudier day as it slightly dulls the bright light which.  You may need to stand in different positions around the room and just have a look at the light, where does it best fall? Which parts of the room is highlighted well.  There are plenty of more in depth articles on the internet about lighting to help you further understand, try this one from 1stdibs.com.  It can be hard sometimes when lighting is just not great in certain rooms so download an app to help you filter your photograph properly so it looks brighter.  Snapseed is a brilliant app and really does work wonders without lookint too artifical and over filtered.

3. Interesting Accessories

Whatever your home style is it’s a reflection of your personality.  This makes it unique to you so there is bound be some interesting items around your home that other people will be swooning over.  A quirky door knocker, a funky rug or even a really cool lamp like the one pictures above from Graham and Green.  You don’t even need to spend a fortune on expensive accessories as there are so many unique trinkets available from handmade sellers on places like Etsy & Not on the High Street which are even more personal to you.  Take some fabulous photos of your accessories (in great lighting of course) and get sharing away.

4. Use what you have to create styled photos

You don’t have to run out and spend an absolute fortune on new home accessories to share on your Instagram.  Take a look around your home and use what you have to create a fabulously styled photo such as the one above.  This is a beautiful, relaxing photo and uses items already in the lady behind the accounts home.  Adding the candles, plant, wall print and bath caddy with book makes for an ultimate chilled out bathtime photo which is perfectly instagrammable!  They key with sharing beautifully styled photos like this one is to make is clean, bright and not too overcrowded.  Also think about your disply of your photos on Instagram, some people have a tendancy to resize photos for their grid so the actual picture is much smaller and has the thick white border round it.  These typically are not popular on Instagram, people like the image to be full so it really captures the attention and imagination.

5. Be real & have fun

Photo from @kate_rose_morgan Instagram

The Instagram accounts that really stand out from the rest are the one’s that mix the amazing content with a dose of fun and spoonfull of realness.  Don’t forget your account is about your home, it’s a reflection of your personality and it’s your personal space.  This means you are sharing something special with the world so don’t forget to show them a little bit of you and your day to day life.  Instagram stories is hugely helpful for this as it’s such a great way to interact with your followers and show them a more personal side to you and your home life.  People love to see ‘behind the scenes’ whether it’s a story showing the latest cake you baked in your glorious kitchen or a boomerang of what your watching on the tele.  We all have Instagram accounts that become our favourite and we begin to connect with the person behind the account so getting to know you is important.  Why do you think Kim Kardashian became a social media powerhouse?  She shares a lot of her daily life on her socials and the fans can’t get enough! Also have fun with your account, @kate_rose_morgan has one of my favourite Instagram accounts because she has much fun with her posts.  I absolutley love the picture above because it shows personality, style and just bring a smile to my face! That’s what we all want at the end of the day!