Welcome to the colour series.

So i have to admit i have not done an awful lot with my blog :(   I know, i know – not great! Sorry!!! I have however decided now is the time to share my musings with the world.  I am starting of with the colour series which is something i will be posting about every Thursday.

For those of you who don’t know me i am Kayleigh, a small business owner from The Midlands, in the UK.  I am a designer and i create artwork, wall prints and do some graphic design.  I have recently however taken my love of colour to another level and enrolled on an applied colour psychology course with the fabulous Karen Haller. 

I love colour and the whole topic of colour psychology is deeply fascinating to me and is amazing to immerse myself into and understand as a designer.  I have decided to share my journey, thoughts and everything i am learning with you guys.  This series will hopefully help anyone out there who is interested in understand colour choices more in depth and how they affect us either through interiors, clothing choice or branding.

So let us delve into Blue.  The worlds favourite colour.  


When i say Blue what immediatley springs to mind?  Is it a rich Navy Blue? A vibrant Turquoise tone or a serene sky Blue? Drop me a comment below and let me know. 

There are so, so many tones of blue and each one has a different pyschological trait.  In general the colour of blue, which is a primary colour, affects us mentally.  There are many positive traits of blue which include helping us gain clarity, logical thoughts, calmness and serenity.

In particular the light blue tones are associated with calm and serenity and can help to reduce our mental fatigue which makes these particular tones perfect for using in bedrooms, as this is a room we tend to want to feel relaxing.   

Top Tip – If you needing a little creative boost then light blue is a great option to help with creative thinking. 

So on the other end of the scale we have the darker blue tones.  The darker the blue the more mentally stimulating it is.  This is why a lot of people choose darker blue’s for home offices to aid on concentration.  


We then have the fun and vibrant such as turquoise (love this shade!).  This is what i like to think of as the really fun side of blue.  This is an energizing shade of blue and awakens the mind so it’s not ideal to use in a room where you want to relax but it is fab to use in somewhere like the bathroom, where you want to feel awake and energised in a morning.  It is a very vibrant colour so you don’t need to go all out with it if you are wary of colour use, maybe try adding it in through your accessories.  

Image Source: houseofturquoise.com

This is only really touching the surface of blue and the effects the colour has on us as the topic is so vast and i’m still learning but as an introduction to Blue i hope you have found some useful pointers about the varying shades and where they are best used in the home.

Of course it is also all about the tones you choose and the colours you choose to pair Blue with.  All of this has an effect on how we feel in a room or how we feel in what we are wearing etc., so next time you are out shopping (when we are allowed, 2020 has been a fail for shopping!) have a look at the different blue items and see how you feel about them, which tones are you more drawn too? Why do you think that is?  

You could be craving to feel more mentally relaxed and calm and this is why you are being drawn to looking at the lighter blue tones.  It is highly interesting to understand our reactions to colour and it tells us something ourselves everytime so take the time to listen to it.

Many people have a resistance to adding colour into their homes, mainly through fear of now knowing how to pair it well or just because they are not really sure exactly what colours to choose.  I always recommend starting small, pick a few accessories that have colour to bring it into a room.  Why not add some blue cushions onto your bed and maybe a beautiful blue piece of art?

You could consider adding a navy rug and curtains into your study area or why not think about starting small with turquoise towels in your bathroom?

See how it sits with you for a while and add to it if you wish.  It’s all about experimenting and seeing how you feel with colour.


Image Source: Amazon

So i hope you enjoyed learning a little more about blue! I’d love to know your thoughts on it so do drop me a comment below!

Lots of Love